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Agricultural Fence Services

AB Custom Fencing provides both electric psychological barrier and non-electric wire fence services used to create a pysical barrier that livestock is unable to penetrate. Inorder to do that they need to be supported mainly by tension, being stretched between H style bracing at ends, corners, and at set intervals stretches. Between these braced posts are additional smaller wooden or metal T posts which keep the wires spaced and upright, spacing depending on the style of fencing used. Droppers (fence stays) can also be incerted between line posts to create an even stronger pysical barrier.

Traditionally, wire fencing material is made of galvanized mild steel, but galvanized high-tensile steel is now also used in many places. To prevent sagging of the fence, which raises the risk of entanglement or escape, the wire is tensioned as much as the material will safely allow during construction.

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