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permanent electric bear fence

Our professional designed and installed Gallagher permanent electric bear/preditor fence systems are built to have a service life of many decades. We pride ourselves on having the highest quality, most advanced, powerful, and lowest maintenance system on the market. We install permanent tension springs on all wire runs to help with stand environmental stresses like snow loads better, and to prevent over tensioning which can lead to brace failures.  


Our permanent electric bear/preditor fence systems are an excellent choice for landfills, remote camps, feed or food storage areas, livestock birthing grounds, orchards, gardens, rural residences and cabins, or anywhere else you require the benefits of bear, preditor and security control. 


Energizer Selection


Fence Conponents

Undergate cable
We install Cut out switches at convenient intervals to allow the fence to be shut down in sections for maintenance, repair, or testing purposes. XL undergate and leadout cable is all installed in conduit pipe and buried underground. This allows for traffic and equipment to pass over in all seasons without worries of cable damage. 
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