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New EID Reader puts Gallagher at the forefront of animal management tech.

The launch of Gallagher’s new portable electronic ear tag reader, the HR3, confirms Gallagher’s place as a leader in the field of Electronic Animal Identification (EID). The HR3 is a hand-held device that reads the information stored in all CCIA electronic ear tags, both full and half duplex, and enables the rapid and accurate identification of individual animals.

Gallagher has been recognized as a world leader in producing innovative electric fencing and animal performance products for over 70 years. The company is now leading the way in the development of animal management systems, such as weigh scales, load bars and permanent electronic identification readers. The HR3 is the first portable reader to be produced by the company.

While there are some portable readers already on the market, the key difference between Gallaghers and other manufacturers is that no other company can offer such a comprehensive range of integrated weighing, data collection and EID products from weigh scales right through to tag readers.

The HR3 is revolutionary in design and features an ergonomic, soft-grip handle for comfortable operation, along with ingenious sight, sound and touch features to identify a successful tag read in any situation. It is easy to use, lightweight, durable and portable. The HR3 can store 5,000 tags in memory and is fully compatible with all Gallagher SmartScale models. To operate, the Reader is simply pointed at an ear tag and the trigger squeezed. A beeper sounds and the handle vibrates to show that the tag read has been successful. The HR3 has an internal rechargeable battery and incorporates Bluetooth output for cordless operation.

Tag information stored on the HR3 is easily downloadable to computers using the included computer software.

The HR3 Reader can be used to accurately identify a pen of animals or it can be connected to a weighing system to

automatically associate weights with individual animals.

When the HR3 is used with Gallagher’s SmartScale 700 weigh scale system it can help farmers maximize the number of

high performing animals on their farm. Animal growth rates can be improved by using weight data to decide feeding

programs and consequently profits can be maximized.

This hand held tag reader qualifies for funding under the Verified Beef Production (VBP) program (contact your

provincial VBP co-ordinator for details).

For more information on the HR3 Hand Held EID Reader please contact:

Gallagher Power Fencing Systems Inc. Box 576, Owen Sound, ON. N4K 5R1


by AgriBusiness - May 2008

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