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Gallagher Power Fence Bars Bears

Gallagher Power Fence Bars Bears 

Portable electric bear fences work great when you need temporary short term or seasonal protection. We have systems available that range from very portable to semi portable for longer seasonal durations.


AB Custom Fencing is proud to introduce the New Gallagher Smartfence the most innovatively advanced multi wire portable electric fence on the market. Its 100m (330ft) four strand poly wire multi reel system complete with posts and corner anchors all packaged in one unit makes it the perfect portable bear fence solution.

 Gallagher Smartfence

Combine the Smartfence with one of the Energizers listed below for the complete portable bear fencing package

Since there could be several different circumstances like sunlight hours, habitual bear v ersus just a curious bear, soil conditions, attractants we can not recommend any one energizer for your bear fence solution. A small Joule energizer

PortaFence B11 Energizer with standGallagher B11 or

S22 Solar Energizer Gallagher S17

will work to deter curious bears for small areas like camps, equipment, yards etc… For areas with high attraction levels like fruit trees, berry patches, food and caches, composting, or with pour earth soils like dry sand/gravel, you should purchase a little more powerful energizer like a


S40 Solar EnergizerGallagher S50

S100 Powerbox Solar Package

For areas of high risk like apiaries (bee hives) or when dealing with a habitual bear a B200 is recommend. Areas with higher latitudes or in winter conditions may require a larger solar collector to maintain battery levels, please contact us and we can customize a package to meet your needs. 


B200 PowerBox Solar Package 

B200 Solar

Please be aware that although portable electric systems are very successful at excluding bears from unwanted areas it is by no means 100%. Precaution and good bear practices should always be taken when in bear country!


Additional Portable Electric Fence System Information: 

Portable Electric Fence Brochure for Camping Perimeters, a brochure created by the US National Park Service 

Tom Smith on Protecting your Camp From Bears


For more information or an obligation free quote please do not hestitate to contact us by phone or email.







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