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Tired of


  • Continued break and enters? 
  • Having property stole from your yard or damaged by Vandals? 
  • spending money every month for repairs and cleanup? 
  • your insurance rates going up? 
  • Paying monthly fees every month? 
  • Feeling unsafe on your own property? 


If your answer is “YES” 

Then let us put the some “SHOCK” in your security with an 


Electric Security Fence System 



Traditionally Chain link fencing has been the means used to secure private, commercial, industrial, and government yards, sites, compounds, and any where one wishes to keep trespassers out. This type of fencing can be topped with barb wire or razor wire making them somewhat more difficult to climb. Chain Link fencing is only a physical barrier which can be effective at keeping out general passers by. It is however of little deter to criminals who by cutting the wire mesh, push or pull down the fence using a vehicle, or even placing a heavy jacket over the barb wire can climbing over; gaining un-detected access to your private property. 


Many buildings are equipped with high level internal security systems that will detect and report if someone has breached the building but many have little besides a chain link fencing for securing their yard and compound areas containing hundreds of thousands of dollars in equipment and supplies. 


In recent years with the increasing technology electric fencing systems (which uses a pulsed electric current sent along fence wire, about one pulse per second) have become the ultimate in effective perimeter security. When a trespasser touches the electrified fence they receive a short, sharp but safe shock, making it impossible to climb the fence. The system can be designed if breached to trigger security dialers and alarms, or even be fully integrated into your complete security monitoring system depending on your demands and budget. 

These fence systems can be stand alone, installed on the inside of a chain link fence, on tops of a building or even walls.  

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