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Smooth Wire Fences

Barbless smooth wire fence with H brace 

Smooth twisted wire

Smooth twisted wire (or barbless wire) is essentially the same product as barbed wire, a two-wire twist or mild steel wire, minus the barbs, or a single strand. Its primary advantage is that it is less likely to cause lacerations and cuts if an animal becomes entangled in it. However, without barbs, some animals will not respect the fence and will lean on it until it is stretched out of shape or loosened from the posts. Smooth wire fencing is often used as an inexpensive material to safely contain horses and other animals that run a high risk of entanglement, usually in conjunction with a line of electric fencing.


Non-Electric High Tensile Wire Fence

High tensile wire

High tensile (HT) wire is a special hardness, springy steel wire and is capable of much higher tension than mild steel. It permits the use of wider post spacing and does not easily get stretched by animals leaning on it, nor by fallen trees or branches. Plain single strand HT wire works best with electric fencing and is what we generally recommend. However non-electric physical barrier HT wire fences can be constructed. They require quality built H bracing, post spacing of 30 feet and generally a minimum of two wooden stays per fence panel. This style of fencing is still less costly then barbwire or woven wire fencing but is generally not as effective in controlling livestock without being electrified.

HT wire is joined using a figure eight knot, Vinelines , or sleeve crimps. It also requires a mechanical tensioning device. 

We also recommend installing Permanent Tension Springs inline to help withstand snow loads and prevent over tightening which can cause brace failures.


HT wire is more economical per ft then barb/barbless wire. But not all HT wire is made the same some is stiffer to work with then others. The HT “ Power Wire ” we carry is made to a special hardness making it very enjoyable to work with.

HT wire also works well for horticultural trellising. It is able to withstand a higher cropping load without breaking or stretching.

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