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Wood, Rail, Log Fences



Wood Fencing can be very practical along with being unique in its many different designs and styles. Wood can be used for pens or corrals where livestock are likely to challenge the fence or to fence in ones back yard. Wood fencing is like everything unique in design and construction; it does come at a cost. Wood fencing is very labor consuming and materials like pressure treated wood or cedar can add significant cost to a fencing project. Many times wood fencing is chosen more for its looks then its practicality. It is a good choice for small acreage, residential, or decretive fencing and is generally less costly then chain link, decorative rod iron, or vinyl styles of fence.

Log, Post & Rail, and Russell fences are still built today especially in many parts of Caribou/Chilcoton region of British Columbia. These fence styles utilize the natural small diameter long straight pine of the region. This can be a cost effective means of fencing, when material and low cost labor is ready available. This style is considered by many to be a very eye pleasing and uniquely western historical style of fencing. Because the wood is untreated it does have a much short life span then that of cedar or pressure treated styles of fencing.

Pipe and other fence materials

Fences of stranded cable, pipe, vinyl, rock, and rod iron can all be used where cost is less of a consideration, particularly on horse farms, or Synthetic materials with wood-like qualities are also used, however they are the most expensive option in most situations.

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