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  • Welcome to AB Custom Fencing, your fence and animal management specialist. Electric fence systems for livestock, wildlife, equine, bear, predator, and secuity.
  • How to get in contact with us at AB Custom Fencing
  • This web page discribes who AB Custom Fencing is, what we do, what our goals and missions are
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  • AB Custom Fencing Online Store
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  • Stockade ST400i Impulse hoseless fencer Stapler Info Page
  • Stock-ade-ST400.html
  • The STOCK-ade ST315 is the midsize pneumatic wire fence stapler, excellent for small animal fence installations, including wooden dropper installations
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  • This web page discribes the uses, benefits, types and syles of Agricultural Electric Fence Systems AB Custom Fencing provides including; Permanent Electric Fence, Portable Electric Fence, Electric Offset Fence systems, along with Information on Controlled Grazing
  • Permanent electric fence systems is our recommended solution for long-term livestock fencing. Compared to barbed wire, woven wire and rail fence, Permanent electric fence systems are economical, easy to install and operate, and require less maintenance, due to minimal physical contact with animals.
  • Portable electric fence systems provide flexibility in pasture management and are ideal for short-term animal control or rotational grazing. Easily transported, constructed and maintained, portable electric fences are an effective temporary fencing solution for a range of animals and situations.
  • Offset fencing is used to protect existing conventional fencing or extend the life of new fences. Installing offset brackets also reduces damage to animal hides and pelts as it prevents the animals from rubbing against the non-electrified fence
  • Articles on the uses and advantages of controlled grazing.
  • This web page discribes the uses, benefits, types and syles of AB Custom Fencings equine safe fencing systems including gallagher permenent and portable electric fence systems
  • In our mission to continually search and implement new ideas in animal management systems we come across information that we feel will benefit horse owners
  • This web page discribes the uses, history, types, of agricultural fence services AB Custom Fencing provides
  • Smooth twisted wire (or barbless wire) Fencing is essentially the same product as barbed wire, a two-wire twist or mild steel wire, minus the barbs, or a single strand. Its primary advantage is that it is less likely to cause lacerations and cuts if an animal becomes entangled in it.
  • Barbed wire is not a very effective way to contain pigs, goats or sheep. Where these animals are to be fenced; woven wire can be used instead, often with one or more strands of barbed wire at the top. Contract highways fencing services provided.
  • AB Custom Fencing barbed wire fence is particularly effective for containing cattle, contract highways and forestry range fencing services provided.
  • Wood Fencing can be very practical along with being unique in its many different designs and styles. Wood can be used for pens or corrals where livestock are likely to challenge the fence or to fence in ones back yard.
  • This web page discribes the uses, benefits, types and syles of Security Fencing Systems AB Custom Fencing offers including; Electric Security and Chain Link fence systems
  • AB Custom Fencing electric security fence system is a barrier fence that is constructed around the perimeter of your property, freestanding or attached just inside your existing fence.
  • Benefits and types of AB Custom Fencing bear and preditor fence control systems including; Permenent electric bear and predator systems, Portable electric bear fence systems
  • Portable electric bear fence works great when you need temporary short term or seasonal protection from bears. AB Custom Fencing has systems available that range from very portable to semi portable for longer seasonal durations.
  • AB Custom Fencings professional designed and installed permanent electric bear & preditor fence systems are built to have a service life of many decades. We pride ourselves on having the highest quality, most powerful, and lowest maintenance system on the market.
  • This web page discribes the uses, benefits, types and syles of wildlife fence and management systems AB Custom Fencing provides including; Permenent Electric fence, Portable Electric Fence, and Mess wire fence systems
  • This web page discribes the uses, benefits, types of Gallagher weighing and EID systems we carry at AB Custom Fencing
  • This web page discribes the consulting services we provides which includes design, layout, costing, installation training for Fence systems, Livestock Water systems, Weighing & EID Systems, and livestock handling facilities.



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